Subtitle a video


Create a project

Start by launching Subs Factory. The window below should appear.

If it does not, use the "New project" item in the "Project" to make it appear.

Then, click on the "Create new subtitles" button. The workspace is then loaded with an empty subtitles file.

Use the "Open a video file" button to load a video within the project.

Finally, you can save the created project. In the "Project" menu, choose "Save", then select the saving location.

Please note that the project file, which has a .sfp extension (for Subs Factory Project) will contain your subtitles, markers and settings, but not the video : the file would be much too heavy. Only the video file location is stored ; if the file is moved, Subs Factory will ask for its location again.

The main window should now look like this :

To understand its organization, please refer to the palettes page.

Set markers

Use the "Controls" palette to play the video. You also can move through it thanks to the other buttons of this palette, or with the timeline

You can slow down the video with the slider of the controls palette. You will now have to set markers indicating the beginning ("In" marker ) and the end ("Out" marker ) of each subtitle.

Markers can be set with the corresponding buttons of the "Markers" palette. They will then be located at the current timing. To set them quicker while the video plays, just use the i and o keys of the keyboard.

To easily find the beginning and end of a sentence, you can rely on audio waveforms displayed on the timeline.

Markers can be seen in the timeline :

For this image, they match two subtitles.

Create subtitles

These markers must be changed to subtitles. Click on the button. Each couple of markers [ and then ] will then be changed to one subtitle.

Finally, the text of each subtitle should be entered. Once the video paused, select a subtitle in the subtitles table. In the "Subtitle edition" palette, you can enter the subtitle text in the big field on the top. You also can click twice in the "Text" column of the subtitles table ("Subtitles table" palette) at the correct line, and then write the subtitle text.


If the timing of a subtitle does not suit you, you can change it. In the "Subtitle edition" palette, you will find "Start" and "End" fields. You can type in them the exact timing of the subtitle's beginning and end.

You also can set subtitle beginning and subtitle end markers, and then, thanks to the "Subtitle edition" palette buttons, move there the subtitle's beginning ( and ) or end ( and ). You can do the same without setting a marker, using the current timing cursor instead. You will then use the following buttons : and .

The buttons and allow to move within the video towards the indicated subtitle's beginning or end.

Export subtitles

To get back a .srt file from a Subs Factory project, use the "Export..."button of the "Actions" palette. You will then be asked the location where to save the .srt file, as well as the text encoding you want to use (the most common is "Western (Windows Latin 1)").