Subtitle a video


Create a project

Start by launching Subs Factory. The window below should appear.

If it does not, use the "New project" item in the "Project" to make it appear.

Then, click on the "Create new subtitles" button. The workspace is then loaded with an empty subtitles file.

Use the "Open a video file" button to load a video within the project.

Finally, you can save the created project. In the "Project" menu, choose "Save", then select the saving location.

Please note that the project file, which has a .sfp extension (for Subs Factory Project) will contain your subtitles, markers and settings, but not the video : the file would be much too heavy. Only the video file location is stored ; if the file is moved, Subs Factory will ask for its location again.

The main window should now look like this :

To understand its organization, please refer to the palettes page.

Create the subtitles

To simply create an empty subtitle, there are two solutions :

You can then either create all the empty subtitles fist, by repeating the steps described previously, or enter the text for the created subtitle right away, by following the steps hereafter :

  1. Activate looping on current subtitle, thanks to the button from the controls palette (or by typing C), then play the video (eg. by pressing the space bar).
  2. If the subtitle to edit is not already selected, then select it in the subtitles table, or by clicking on it in the timeline.
  3. Type E. It will activate the subtitle edition field (you can also activate it by clicking in it, or by double-clicking on the subtitle in the detailed timeline).
  4. Type the subtitle text thanks to its audio, (that is playing in a loop).
  5. Type ⌘E to finish subtitle edition, then V (or button for the controls palette) to exit the loop.
  6. Playing will continue until next subtitle, that you will be able to edit in the same way by typing E, etc.

The field used for quick subtitle edition can be defined in the ergonomy preferences.


Should you be dissatisfied with a subtitle timing, you can adjust it: see chapter "Resynchronize just one subtitle" of the "resynchronize" page.

Delete a subtitle

To delete a subtitle, you can use the button, that exist in both "Subtitles table" and "Subtitle edition" palettes. It will delete selected subtitle.

You can also click on the subtitle in the detailed timeline while holding option () key. It will be immediately deleted.

It is possible to cancel a subtitle deletion via the "Edition" menu, or with the command-Z keyboard shortcut.

Export subtitles

To get back a .srt file from a Subs Factory project, use the "Export..."button of the "Actions" palette. You will then be asked the file format (the most common being "SubRip (.srt)"), as well as the text encoding (it is advised to use "Unicode UTF-8") you want to use, and finally you can choose the location where to save the file.