Translate subtitles

Start by launching Subs Factory. The window hereunder should appear :

If this is not the case, use item "New project" of the "Project" menu.

Open then the file containing the subtitles to be translated eg. with the "Open a subtitles file" button. You also can open a video if you want to.

You will then have to create a new subtitles file, that will contain the translated subtitles :

This will create a new file, containing only empty subtitles, corresponding to the ones to be translated. You can hide the palettes you will not use : the left column, the timeline,... Your window should then look like this :

You will now have to fill these empty subtitles with the translation of those from the other file, displayed beside. Do not forget to save the Subs Factory project time to time with the "Save" item of the "Project" menu.

Once the translation finished, you can export it by clicking on the "Export" button of the "Actions" palette of the file containing the translation (do not forget to choose the suitable encoding for your translation). You will then create a new .srt file, that you can use wherever you want (see "Using .srt files" section).