Tips and tricks

Quickly add a file to a project

To add a subtitle file or change the video for a project, you can just drag-and-drop it onto the corresponding project window.

JKL shortcuts

Keys J, K and L of the keyboard are useful, as in many video editing applications, to control video playback :

Origin of video

In several cases, it is possible to have a video whose beginning is not at the zero timing. For example, if a pre-roll test pattern is present at the beginning of your video file and will not be in the final file, or if your file will be cut in parts, or is partial.

To be able to use Subs Factory in these cases, you can enter the origin timing for the video file : in the "Image" palette, click on the "Origin" button. In the popup that appears, enter the timing at which the video should begin. It can be positive or negative. To validate, just click the same button again.

In the case the project starts before zero, then the zero timing will be indicated in the timeline by a green square indicator.

Beware, if the origin is set at a value different from zero when creating subtitles, reading the same video file with the same subtitles file will show a time shift (of the "Origin" value).